Moneyball SEO

Moneyball SEO is one of my key project which I use to scale my websites. The real problem is that I doesn’t have much time to operate my websites so I must be great at prioritization and Moneyball SEO does this for me.

Firs mention of moneyball in SEO was from guys from Search Pilot and thank for that! Which makes “introduction” to split-test in SEO community and makes me think more deeper about this approach which on 100% makes sense. We need more data-driven decisions in SEO so let’s make them!

What is point of Moneyball approach in SEO?

  • Do data-driven decisions on GSC data
  • Measure your changes on your project
  • Generate jobs for you or your copywriters

Key parts of this project are these components:

  • Big Query downloader
  • CTR curve analyzer
  • CTR pages / queries analyzer
  • CTR prioritization
  • Split-Test evaluation
  • Topics Finder

On this project I’m currently working so you should look on results, plans, next-steps and key findings in my weekly reports. Also this tool will be in future published as one of my only Patron scripts. Some scrips will be used in NicheLever.

If you are interested in Moneyball SEO you should contact me
And we should together look if it should helps you.