Facebook Ads Calculator

Facebook Ads could be great marketing channel to increase your traffic or boost your sales. On MineNiches you could find two easy and fast Facebook Ads Calculators.

First one is focused for e-commerce websites owners which needs sales from Facebook Ads and second one is for content website owners which buys traffic from Facebook to earn revenue from Ads.

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ROI calculator

ROI also known as return of investment. And is important have positive ROI than 0% because that means that you are in positive numbers and you get more revenue than your investments. Is interesting that you could have only -100% ROI (which mean that you lost all of your investment) or you could have high positive ROI like 1 000% (which means that you get a lot of money).

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ROAS calculator

Return on ad spend is one of great metrics to identify if your campaigns are positive for your business or not. You need to have ROAS higher than 1 to get more money from your ads than you spend for them. Alternatively you could have ROAS around 0,9 but this will mean that you calculate that users came back to your business in future to make another purchase.

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