Weekly report 2023/40

After six weeks I’m back with my weekly report. September wasn’t great for me. I had a lot of work to do with one of my legacy clients (an online game) that I’m involved as a programmer, and for which I needed to program some new features. Not many people play it anymore, but for me it has such an air of nostalgia that I do take care of it from time to time…

…but back to MineNiches on which I’m working last two/three weeks but there won’t much informations to share with us. Now more has accumulated, so I’m returning to it and hopefully will continue to do so. 🤞

Advanced SEO Patreon

One big thing is that I’ve created and opened Advanced SEO Patreon where I want to go much deeper and behind the paywall. I’ll mention at some point in the future that I discussed this more on Patreon, so please don’t blame me. It’s a way for me to share something more, to go more in depth so that it makes sense.

Core update (focused on HCU)

My main project gets hit by HCU update. My traffic is -40% / -50% down. But I don’t think that I do a lot of things bad but there is bad niche in which are a lot of forums which gets better position. Yes I should blame at forums but by their definition, they do a lot of work well.

Main project gets hit by HCU update

The question is, can you make better content than what the forums produce? How? I plan to gradually reveal this and more on Patreon. After all, this is already some more advanced information and ideas. 🙂


In latest weeks I was on three conferences in latest weeks. So I have a lot of things which about I should work. I’ve really loved SEOVibes at Budapest. There were great lectures. I’m currently processing a lot of notes to be able to adapt them, but I’m also preparing best of for my Patreon. I plan to attend three more events, one of which I am organizing myself. So keep your fingers crossed, conferences always totally kick me into doing things better/differently.

Scaling – extending – hiring

Last thing which about I want to write now is scaling. I need to scale my project so I’m now focusing on projects with which I should produce more content. Yes is something with LLM specially with GPT4 and yes I doesn’t use tools which use every one.

I’m trying to find another way which will be more user-friendly because thats about websites. So please have fingers crossed when it works somehow reliably and better than proof-of-concept then I will share with you.

There are some projections with current earnings / costs and results if I just hire another person to work for me. It looks bad, right?

Earnings and cumlative result

But if I change some parameters then I should see that I’m created money printing machine. The million-dollar question now will be how to get to those numbers (we’re talking tens of percent improvement) because then the payback on the whole event is much better.

Realistic projection
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