Weekly report 2023/34

Back to work here is weekly report. In this week I was on vacation on Rhodoes (yes one of the Greek island) and now I’m back full of power for next weeks and months. Let’s look what happened on MineNiches in last two days.

Focus on automatization

One of things which I focus now is automatization. Everything what is recurring I want to have automatized. For my automatization I chose Make.com which I used in history for notification from order from on one of conference which I organise. In next weeks I will inform you about this automatizations because I will want to save more and more time in the long run (yes I paid for a higher version of make)

Retrospective summary

But back to automatization which I make. One proces which I had every day is “retrospective” in which I write everything of day, how I feel that day in short, all the information about how the day went. This all informations I have in Notion and I use Notion AI to sumarise this…

… but at the end I left this notes here and I do nothing without them. So I build this schema in make.com in which I connect Notion with my Todoist and GPT-4 extract from summarization actions steps and this steps will save into my Todoist.

Retrospective sumarisation with GPT4

Google Analytics 4 notifications

Another automatization which I use is GA4 notifications for my main project. I want to track stats but I don’t want to watch to analytics (because I usually go deeper – which I’m wasting my time on). So every day at 17:00 I get notification with informations about trends from GA.

GA4 notifications to Android

pSEO Airtable & WP All Import

And the last one automatization which I want to share is programmatic SEO in which I download data from Airtable which I use and upload this data via FTP to my server from which could .csv download WP All Import plugin.

Great on this automatization is that I should use Airtable as CMS and I should export data to my server. This all works on just three or four clicks so I doesn’t have to download csv and after that upload them to my server. So less clicks and more stable workflow is what I need.

pSEO Airtable & WP All Import

Google Updates notifications

And the last one automatization is Google Updates notification. In this automatization I follow link with status.search.google.com and if there is something new then I get notification to watch websites. It is simple but great to know.

Google Updates Notifications

Main project update

On main project which I had I’ve before vacation remove some links schemas and as I expected it led to traffic outflow (i.e. I got less visits). But it wouldn’t be me not to have a bigger plan and on Saturday I deployed new link schemes which I will now monitor. Expectations are high I wonder what will happen.

At the same time, I managed to deploy one pSEO schema, and you can already guess that from the make.com script shown above, which I use for this. It’s a long term game, I don’t expect any spike in traffic here, but it could shoot up quite a bit in the future. I’ll share when It will work (I’m guessing around December).

What about current Google update?

So far I don’t see anything that would damage my sites. Let’s see how it will develop in the next weeks. My conscience is clear, I make websites with my heart and love everything should work.

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