CTR calculator

Click-Through Rate metric could be useful if you optimizing your website in Google or when you optimize your PPC snippets. Higher CTR mean that more people will clicking on your snippets and that your snippets are effective.

Click-Through Rate calculator

Total Clicks:
Total Impressions:

The calculation of CTR is simple:
CTR = (clicks / impressions) * 100

Metrics CTR is used in websites, performance marketing, design and in e-mail marketing simply everywhere where you show something and people must click on it.

How to increase CTR?

Great tips to increase CTR could be adding numbers, relevant keywords, emojis to your texts / headlines / subjects. Is important to use engaging copy and interesting pictures. Is good to tests every change of your texts. You should look if click-through rate increasing after changes or not.

100% of CTR isn’t always best…

… because you could have small number of impressions. Is important to keep in mind evaluate CTR when you have a large enough sample of clicks and impressions. Also if you have 0% CTR this could mean that you also doesn’t match user intent and you target od bad user groups.

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