Facebook Ads Calculator

Facebook Ads could be great marketing channel to increase your traffic or boost your sales. On MineNiches you could find two easy and fast Facebook Ads Calculators.

First one is focused for e-commerce websites owners which needs sales from Facebook Ads and second one is for content website owners which buys traffic from Facebook to earn revenue from Ads.

FB Ads – for e-commerce

Monthly Ad Spend:
Average CPC:
Conversion Rate (%):
Average Revenue per Conversion:

From Facebook you could also buy traffic as niche site owner. There you must calculate with RPM. If you get 1000 people from Facebook for 0,1$ per one and you get 10$ as RPM then you are very much in the red numbers. So be be careful when planing using Facebook as niche site owner.

FB Ads – for niche websites

Monthly Ad Spend:
Average CPC:
Average RPM (Revenue per 1000 Impressions):
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